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Saw horses are an essential tool for any workshop. They provide a versatile work surface and enhance precision and safety in various projects. Whether you need a cheap and basic option or a sturdy and well-designed saw horse, their usefulness cannot be underestimated. In this article, we will explore the different types of jobs that saw horses are handy for and discuss the best design options.

Key Takeaways:

  • Saw horses are a versatile tool that every workshop should have.
  • They enhance precision and safety in various woodworking and DIY projects.
  • Saw horses come in different designs and can be chosen based on specific needs.
  • Ensure stability and secure footing when using saw horses for optimum safety.
  • Consider reputable brands like Stanley, Kreg, and WORX for high-quality saw horses.

Why Saw Horses are Useful in the Workshop

Saw horses are an indispensable tool in any workshop, offering a range of benefits that enhance productivity and efficiency. Whether you have a dedicated workbench or not, saw horses provide a portable workbench option that can be easily set up and used for various tasks. They offer a sturdy and reliable support surface, making them ideal for building workbenches or working with heavy materials. Here’s why saw horses are valuable in the workshop:

“Saw horses offer a versatile and portable workbench solution for any workshop, providing a sturdy support surface for various tasks.”

Portable Workbench Capability

Not every workshop has a dedicated workbench, and this is where saw horses come in handy. They serve as a portable workbench, allowing you to set up a sturdy support surface wherever you need it. Whether you’re working in the garage, outdoors, or in a small workshop, saw horses provide a practical solution.

Building Workbenches

If you’re in the process of building a workbench, saw horses are an essential tool for providing sturdy support during construction. You can use them as temporary legs to hold the workbench frame in place while you work on assembling and securing the different components. Saw horses ensure stability and accuracy throughout the construction process.

Efficient Workflow

When working on projects that involve heavy materials or large boards, saw horses offer a convenient way to support and manipulate these items. You can use them to offload timber deliveries, keeping your work area organized and accessible. Saw horses also provide a reliable support surface for working with rough boards, allowing you to make precise cuts and joint preparations.

Safe and Sturdy Support

The sturdy construction of saw horses ensures a secure and stable support surface. This reliability is crucial when handling heavy materials or using power tools. With saw horses, you can work confidently, knowing that your projects are adequately supported and won’t wobble or tip over. Additionally, the height of saw horses is generally ergonomic, reducing the risk of strain or injury during extended work sessions.

With their portable workbench capability, sturdy support, and efficient workflow facilitation, saw horses are an essential tool for any workshop. Whether you’re building a workbench, cutting large boards, or handling heavy materials, having a pair of sturdy and reliable saw horses will significantly enhance your woodworking experience.

Stackable Assembly Table and Saw Horses

When working on large projects like building a dining table, saw horses can be used as a stackable assembly table. They provide a stable and elevated support surface for glue-ups. The surface of the saw horses is easy to clean, making it ideal for messy tasks like gluing where you don’t want to worry about damaging the surface. They can also be used to keep your workbench free for other tasks while a project is clamped and drying.

Using saw horses as a stackable assembly table offers several benefits for glue-up and other large projects. The elevated height allows for easy access and better visibility during assembly. With a flat and sturdy support surface, you can ensure precision and stability throughout the process.

Advantages of Stackable Assembly Table with Saw Horses

  • Stable support surface for large projects
  • Elevated height for better visibility and access
  • Easily cleanable surface for messy tasks like gluing
  • Keeps workbench free for other tasks while project is clamped and drying

With the stackable assembly table setup, you can efficiently work on large woodworking projects such as dining tables, desks, or cabinets. The saw horses provide a reliable and secure foundation, allowing you to focus on the project at hand without worrying about stability or support.

Next, let’s explore more about working without saw horses and alternative options for creating a stable support surface.

Working Without Saw Horses

While saw horses are useful, it is possible to work without them if you have a well-set-up workbench. A workbench with a tail vice can be used for all cross-cutting tasks, eliminating the need for saw horses. However, for long lengths of timber or in small workshops where space is limited, using saw horses can provide a practical solution. It allows for efficient and safe cross-cutting by utilizing the full length of the workbench.

Instead of relying on saw horses, a sturdy workbench can serve as a versatile tool for various woodworking projects. With a tail vice, you can secure timber securely, ensuring precise cuts without the need for additional supports.

However, it’s important to consider the practical height of your workbench. A workbench that is too low can cause strain and discomfort during extended periods of work. Ensure that your workbench is set at a practical height that provides a comfortable and ergonomic work environment.

For certain scenarios, such as working with long lengths of timber or limited workshop space, using saw horses can be a practical solution. Saw horses allow you to support and maneuver long pieces of timber more easily, giving you the flexibility and stability necessary to make accurate cuts.

working without saw horses

Whether you choose to work without saw horses or incorporate them into your woodworking setup, it’s essential to create a workspace that suits your specific needs and provides a safe and efficient environment for your projects.

The Multi-Purpose Stump

Looking for an alternative to traditional saw horses? Consider using a multi-purpose stump. Not only can a stump serve as a saw horse, but it also offers practical height and rigidity, making it a functional choice for various tasks in your workshop.

By utilizing a multi-purpose stump, you can eliminate the need for additional supports and enjoy the convenience of easy mobility. Stumps are known for their durability and reliability, making them a reliable option for your woodworking projects.

With its practical height and sturdy construction, a multi-purpose stump provides a stable surface for a wide range of workshop activities. Whether you’re sawing, sanding, or assembling, this versatile tool ensures a solid support system for your projects.

So why not explore the possibilities of a multi-purpose stump? Its versatility and rigidity make it an excellent choice as an alternative to traditional saw horses, allowing you to work efficiently and effectively.

Take a look at the image below to see how a multi-purpose stump can enhance your workshop:

Advantages of a Multi-Purpose StumpDisadvantages of a Multi-Purpose Stump
  • Provides practical height for various tasks
  • Offers rigidity and stability
  • Eliminates the need for additional supports
  • Easy mobility around the workshop
  • May not be as adjustable as saw horses
  • May have limited weight capacity
  • Requires a suitable stump available

The Best Saw Horse Design

When it comes to the design of saw horses, the timber framing style trestle is considered the best. It offers a practical and solid construction that can handle heavy-duty tasks. The legs of timber framing saw horses are straight and grounded, providing stability and allowing for mortising tasks. This design is preferred over splayed leg designs, which can be less stable and get in the way during sawing.

If you’re looking for a saw horse design that is both practical and solid, the timber framing style trestle is your best bet. Its strong and stable construction makes it ideal for handling heavy-duty tasks, such as timber framing. The straight legs provide a solid foundation, ensuring stability during use. Additionally, the grounded legs allow for mortising tasks, giving you added versatility.

Unlike splayed leg designs, which can be less stable and obstructive, the timber framing style trestle offers a reliable and efficient saw horse solution. Its practical design ensures that you can work with confidence, knowing that your saw horse will provide the necessary support and stability for your projects.

best design
Timber Framing Style Trestle
Splayed Leg Designs

The timber framing style trestle is the go-to design for saw horses that offer both practicality and solidity. Its straight and grounded legs ensure stability and versatility, making it the preferred choice for heavy-duty tasks.

Stackable or Folding Saw Horses

The choice between stackable and folding saw horses depends on your space constraints and intended use. If you have limited space in your workshop or need a portable option for occasional use, folding plastic saw horses are a convenient choice. They fold flat for easy storage and transportation, making them ideal for small workshops or on-the-go projects. However, keep in mind that folding saw horses might not be as durable for long-term woodworking use.

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On the other hand, stackable saw horses, especially those made of wood, provide a sturdy and reliable support surface. While they may take up more space, they offer the stability and durability needed for prolonged or heavy-duty use. Stackable saw horses are an excellent option if you prioritize long-term reliability and value a solid workspace.

Stackable Saw HorsesFolding Saw Horses
Sturdy and reliableConvenient for occasional use
Provide a stable support surfaceFold flat for easy storage and transportation
Take up more spaceSpace-saving capabilities
Suitable for long-term useMight not be as durable for long-term use

Consider your workshop’s size and layout, as well as your specific woodworking needs, when deciding on the type of saw horses to invest in. Remember that in addition to stackable and folding options, there are also other alternatives available, such as traditional wooden saw horses or multi-function work tables.

Finding the Practical Height

The practical height of saw horses plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable work environment. By adjusting the height to match your specific needs, you can enhance your efficiency and reduce strain on your body.

When sawing materials to length, it is recommended to set the saw horses at a height around knee level. This positioning allows for better control and precision while cutting. Your arms can rest comfortably on the work surface, minimizing fatigue and promoting accurate measurements.

If you need to work off the saw horses, such as when assembling or sanding, a slightly higher height may be more comfortable. Adjust the saw horses to a level that aligns with your natural reach, ensuring you can maintain good posture and avoid unnecessary strain on your back.

Pro Tip: It’s important to remember that the practical height of your saw horses will depend on your own height and preferences. Experiment with different heights to find the one that allows you to work comfortably and with ease.

By finding the practical height for your saw horses, you can create a workspace that promotes comfort and productivity. Take the time to adjust the height to your liking and enjoy a more enjoyable and efficient woodworking experience.

practical height

The Versatility of Saw Horses

Saw horses are a versatile tool that can enhance various DIY projects and home improvement tasks. These sturdy supports provide a reliable surface for cutting, building, sanding, and other workshop activities.

Saw horses offer the flexibility to accommodate different tasks and projects. Whether you’re constructing furniture, working on home renovations, or engaging in general woodworking, saw horses provide the stability you need. Their adjustable height allows you to achieve a comfortable working position and ensures precision in your tasks.

The portability of saw horses makes them convenient for moving around your workspace or taking on the go. When not in use, they can be easily stored away, saving valuable space. With their sturdy design, saw horses can withstand the demands of various DIY projects, providing long-lasting support.

Benefits of Saw Horses
Sturdy support for cutting, building, and sanding
Adjustable height for comfort and precision
Portable and easy to store
Reliable and durable construction

Saw horses are an essential tool for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. They provide a sturdy support surface, ensuring the success and efficiency of your projects. Invest in a pair of saw horses and unlock their versatility for all your woodworking and home improvement needs.

Using Sawhorses as Work Tables

Saw horses can serve as more than just a support surface for cutting and sawing. With a few simple modifications, they can be transformed into versatile work tables that provide stability and adjustability for various projects.

To create a work table from saw horses, you have a few options:

  1. Add a Suitable Top: By attaching a sturdy wooden or metal top to the saw horses, you can create a flat and stable surface for working. Ensure that the top is securely fastened to the saw horses to prevent any wobbling or movement.
  2. Use Rigid Foam as Support: Another option is to use rigid foam as a support surface. Cut the foam to fit the dimensions of the saw horses and secure it in place using adhesive or clamps. Rigid foam provides a lightweight and cushioned surface that is ideal for delicate or intricate projects.

Work tables made from saw horses offer several advantages:

  • Adjustable Height: Saw horses can be easily adjusted to different heights, making them suitable for various tasks and accommodating different user preferences.
  • Stability: Saw horses provide a solid and stable foundation for your work surface. They can withstand heavy loads and ensure that your projects remain secure and steady.
  • Versatility: The adjustable and stable nature of saw horses as work tables allows for efficient and comfortable work. Whether you’re painting, assembling, or working on other projects, a saw horse work table can adapt to your needs.

Here is an example of how a work table made from saw horses can look:

Wooden Top4 ft x 2 ft– Sturdy and durable
– Provides a reliable work surface
– Can be customized to fit specific needs
Rigid Foam Support4 ft x 2 ft– Lightweight and portable
– Cushioned surface for delicate projects
– Quick and easy setup

By utilizing saw horses as work tables, you can enhance your productivity and create a comfortable working environment. Whether you’re tackling woodworking projects or engaging in other DIY activities, incorporating saw horses as work tables can provide the adjustable stability and support surface you need.

Buying Sawhorses vs. Building Your Own

When it comes to acquiring saw horses, you have two options: buying pre-made ones or building your own. Each choice has its advantages and considerations, depending on your preferences and needs.

Buying Sawhorses

Buying saw horses offers convenience and saves time, especially if you’re not inclined towards DIY projects. With a wide range of options available in the market, you can easily find sawhorses that suit your requirements. Established brands like Stanley, Kreg, and WORX offer high-quality sawhorses trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

When buying sawhorses, consider factors such as durability, weight capacity, and stability. Look for features like adjustable legs, built-in clamps, and support features that enhance functionality. However, keep in mind that buying sawhorses may be more expensive compared to building your own.

Building Your Own Sawhorses

Building your own sawhorses can be a cost-effective option, especially if you have the necessary skills and tools. It allows for customization to suit your specific needs, ensuring that the sawhorses perfectly align with your workshop requirements. You can choose the materials, dimensions, and design according to your preferences.

By building your own sawhorses, you have the flexibility to create sturdy and reliable supports that match your woodworking style. It can also be a fulfilling DIY project, giving you a sense of accomplishment and pride in your workshop.


When deciding between buying or building sawhorses, consider the following factors:

  • Your skill level and experience: Building sawhorses requires a certain level of woodworking skills and knowledge. Assess your capabilities and confidence before embarking on a DIY project.
  • Time constraints: Building sawhorses may take time, especially if you’re new to woodworking or have other commitments. Evaluate whether you have the time and patience to invest in creating your own sawhorses.
  • Budget: Building your own sawhorses can be cost-effective, as you can choose affordable materials. However, it’s crucial to weigh the costs of materials and tools against the price of pre-made sawhorses.

Ultimately, the decision to buy or build sawhorses depends on your preferences, skills, and resources. Whether you choose to purchase pre-made sawhorses for convenience or embark on a DIY project to create customized supports, sawhorses are an essential tool in any workshop.

Safety Tips for Using Saw Horses

When it comes to using saw horses in your workshop, safety should always be a top priority. By following these essential safety tips, you can ensure a secure and accident-free working environment.

Stability and Secure Footing

One of the most critical aspects of using saw horses safely is ensuring their stability and secure footing. Always make sure that the saw horses are positioned on a level surface. This will prevent any wobbling or tipping during your work.

Additionally, double-check that the materials you place on the saw horses are properly balanced. This will reduce the risk of them toppling off and causing accidents. Take the time to arrange the materials securely before beginning your work.

Weight Capacity

Each pair of saw horses has a weight capacity that should not be exceeded. It is essential to familiarize yourself with this limit and avoid overloading the saw horses. Overloading can compromise their stability and lead to accidents or damage to the equipment.

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Be mindful of the weight of the materials you are working with and distribute the load evenly across the saw horses. If necessary, consider using additional saw horses or alternative support methods for heavy or bulky items.

Proper Safety Gear

When using saw horses, it is crucial to prioritize your personal safety by wearing the appropriate safety gear. This includes but is not limited to safety glasses, a dust mask, and hearing protection, depending on the nature of your project.

Power tools can generate debris, dust, and loud noises, which can all pose risks to your well-being. Wearing the proper safety gear will help protect your eyes, respiratory system, and hearing during your work.

Advancements in Saw Horse Design

Saw horse design has come a long way, with advancements and innovative features that have revolutionized their functionality in the workshop. Today, modern saw horses offer ergonomic designs and enhanced capabilities to meet the evolving needs of woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts.

Adjustable Legs for Versatile Heights

One significant advancement in saw horse design is the inclusion of adjustable legs. These saw horses allow you to customize the working height according to your preferences and the specific tasks at hand. Whether you need a higher surface for intricate detailing or a lower height for stability during heavy-duty cutting, adjustable legs provide the flexibility you need.

With the ability to extend or retract the legs easily, these saw horses adapt to different project requirements, promoting ergonomic work practices and reducing strain on your back and limbs. This innovative feature enables you to maintain a comfortable posture, resulting in improved productivity and reduced fatigue.

Built-in Clamps and Support Features

Another notable advancement in saw horse design is the integration of built-in clamps and support features. These additions enhance the functionality and versatility of the saw horses by providing secure and stable support for various materials and workpieces.

The built-in clamps allow you to secure your materials firmly, eliminating the need for additional clamps or supports. This not only saves time but also frees up space on your workbench, enabling a more organized workspace. Whether you’re joining pieces together, sanding, or performing other intricate tasks, these built-in clamps ensure that your materials remain steady, resulting in precise and accurate work.

Additionally, some saw horses feature support features such as grooves or notches that provide additional stability and alignment for specific projects. These features can be particularly useful when working with long boards or when performing complex cuts, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Safety

Saw horse manufacturers have also prioritized ergonomic design to enhance user comfort and safety. Ergonomically designed saw horses are engineered with features that promote proper posture, reduce strain, and prevent injuries.

The height and angle of the saw horse legs are carefully considered to provide optimal stability and prevent wobbling or tipping during use. Additionally, some models come with padded surfaces or anti-slip materials, ensuring a secure grip on your workpieces and reducing the risk of accidents.

Furthermore, ergonomic designs often incorporate rounded edges and smooth surfaces to minimize the risk of cuts or abrasions. These thoughtful design elements prioritize user safety, allowing you to focus on your work without unnecessary distractions or discomfort.

Advancements in Saw Horse DesignFeatures
Adjustable LegsCustomizable height for ergonomic work practices
Built-in Clamps and Support FeaturesSecure and stable support for materials
Ergonomic DesignPrioritizes user comfort and safety

With these advancements in saw horse design, woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts have access to ergonomic and versatile tools that streamline their workflow and enhance their productivity. Whether you’re a professional carpenter or a hobbyist, these innovative features enable you to work with precision, efficiency, and confidence.

When it comes to choosing saw horses for your workshop, there are several popular brands that offer high-quality options trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. These brands have established their reputation based on the sturdy construction, reliability, and innovative features of their products. If you’re looking for the best saw horses, consider the following popular brands:


Stanley is a well-known brand in the industry and is highly regarded for its durable and reliable saw horses. With a focus on providing sturdy support and stability, Stanley saw horses are designed to withstand heavy-duty tasks. They are built to last, making them an excellent choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.


Kreg specializes in versatile and innovative work table systems, including saw horses. Their saw horses are designed to provide a flexible and convenient support surface for all your woodworking needs. Kreg’s saw horses are known for their adjustable height and sturdy construction, allowing for comfortable and efficient work.


WORX offers multi-function work tables and sawhorses that provide flexibility and convenience. Their products are designed to be versatile, allowing you to easily transform them into different configurations to suit your specific projects. WORX saw horses are known for their practicality and ease of use, making them a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts.

When choosing saw horses for your workshop, consider these reputable brands. Each brand offers unique features and benefits, allowing you to find the perfect saw horses that meet your specific needs. Whether you prioritize sturdiness, versatility, or innovative design, there is a saw horse from these popular brands that will exceed your expectations.


Saw horses are an essential tool in every workshop. Their versatility, reliability, and efficiency make them indispensable for various woodworking and DIY tasks. Whether you choose to buy or build your own, having a pair of saw horses in your workshop will enhance your precision, safety, and overall productivity.

By providing a stable and adjustable work surface, saw horses enable you to work with confidence and precision. They offer a reliable support system for cutting, building, and sanding, allowing you to tackle a wide range of projects with ease. Their practical height and sturdy construction ensure comfort and stability, making them an essential tool for any woodworking enthusiast or professional.

To make the most of your workshop experience, it’s important to explore different designs and consider your specific needs. Look for high-quality saw horses that prioritize durability and functionality. Whether you’re working on small DIY projects or undertaking larger woodworking endeavors, investing in a reliable pair of saw horses will allow you to work more efficiently and safely.

In conclusion, saw horses are not just an accessory but an essential tool that every workshop should have. Their versatility, reliability, and efficiency elevate your woodworking and DIY projects, providing a stable and secure support surface. So, equip yourself with a pair of saw horses and unlock their potential to enhance your precision, safety, and productivity in the workshop.


What are the uses of saw horses in the workshop?

Saw horses can serve as a portable workbench, provide a sturdy support for building workbenches, offload timber deliveries, work with rough boards, and handle other heavy-duty tasks.

How can saw horses be used as a stackable assembly table?

Saw horses provide a stable and elevated support surface for glue-ups during large projects. They can also be used to free up the workbench for other tasks while a project is clamped and drying.

Is it possible to work without saw horses?

Yes, if you have a well-set-up workbench with a tail vise, you can eliminate the need for saw horses for cross-cutting tasks. However, in small workshops or when working with long lengths of timber, using saw horses can provide a practical solution.

What is a multi-purpose stump and how can it be used as an alternative to saw horses?

A multi-purpose stump can serve as a saw horse while providing a practical height and rigidity. It eliminates the need for additional supports and can be easily moved around the workshop for various tasks.

What is the best design for saw horses?

The timber framing style trestle is considered the best design for saw horses. It offers a practical and solid construction that can handle heavy-duty tasks and provides stability for mortising tasks.

Should I choose stackable or folding saw horses?

The choice between stackable and folding saw horses depends on your space constraints and intended use. Folding plastic saw horses are convenient for occasional use and space-saving, while stackable wooden ones provide a sturdy and reliable support surface.

How do I determine the practical height for my saw horses?

The practical height of saw horses depends on the type of tasks you will be performing. For sawing materials to length, a height around knee-high is recommended. Adjust the height to suit your specific needs for a comfortable work environment.

What are the different ways saw horses can be used in the workshop?

Saw horses are versatile tools that can be used for cutting, building, sanding, and other workshop activities. They provide a sturdy support surface and enhance efficiency and precision in various DIY projects and home improvement tasks.

Can saw horses be transformed into work tables?

Yes, saw horses can be transformed into work tables by adding a suitable top or using rigid foam as a support. Work tables made from saw horses offer stability, versatility, and adjustability to accommodate different projects.

Should I buy or build my own saw horses?

The decision to buy or build your own saw horses depends on your skill level, time constraints, and budget. Buying offers convenience, while building allows for customization and cost-effectiveness.

What safety precautions should I take when using saw horses?

Ensure that the saw horses are stable and securely positioned on a level surface. Double-check that the materials being supported are balanced and won’t topple off. Avoid overloading the saw horses and always use proper safety gear when operating power tools.

Are there any advancements in saw horse designs?

Yes, modern saw horses come with adjustable legs, built-in clamps, and other innovative features to enhance their versatility and functionality in the workshop.

What are some popular brands of saw horses?

Some popular brands of saw horses include Stanley, Kreg, and WORX, known for their sturdiness, versatility, and reliability.

Why are saw horses essential in every workshop?

Saw horses are essential tools that provide a versatile, reliable, and efficient work surface for various woodworking and DIY tasks. They enhance precision, safety, and overall productivity in the workshop.

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