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Woodworking By LPI - What Shoes To Wear For Woodworking

What Shoes To Wear For Woodworking

What shoes to wear for woodworking to be safe and comfortable. If you are in a wood shop big or small you know the length of time you spend standing and working around woodworking tools and machinery which makes you wonder what is the best footwear for your feet when in your wood shop. The…
Woodworking By LPI - Wood Glue Edge

How To Glue Boards Together Without Warping

Attempting to glue boards together without warping is extremely challenging. I have experienced the frustration with letting your wood boards dry, removing the clamps, and seeing them all uneven and warping. What is the solution to gluing boards together without warping? Gluing boards together without warping is not as bad as it seems. Things to…

Wood Routing

Woodworking By LPI - Wood Router Alternatives

Wood Router Alternatives

Wood routers are a great tool for shaping wood and can be found in many workshops. But if you don’t have one, there is no need to worry! There are alternatives depending on what you are wanting to accomplish for your wood projects. From edges to joins or even creative wood carving there are other…


Woodworking By LPI Painters

How To Fix Paint Mistakes You Make On Wood Signs

Learning how to fix paint mistakes you make on wood signs is simple with these two methods. During my journey of learning how to paint stencils and freehand paint wood signs, I needed to understand how to fix my painting mistakes. It is inevitable that you will make…