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electric hand planer

Electric Hand Planer – Is It The Tool For You

The main reason to use a wood planer is to smooth and size the surface of your board. If the face of your board has chipped edges or saw marks, then you can clean those up with a wood planer. Or maybe you want to decrease the thickness of your piece of lumber by planing…
Woodworking By LPI - Barnwood

DIY Barn Wood Signs – How To Make Authentic

An in-depth look at DIY Barn Wood Signs and how to make them authentic. In my research, for my barn wood sign project, I discovered several ways to create DIY barn wood signs and will go into the details here. DIY Barn wood signs have several variations and can be made to look in many…
Painting Woodworking By LPI

Stencil Painting Without Stencil Bleeding On Your Wood Sign

Stencil Painting on your wood sign can be extremely challenging without the stencil paint bleeding on your wood sign. How do you stop a stencil from bleeding on your wood sign? Crisp clean lines on your lettering or image are the best outcome. I don’t stencil very often so I wanted to look up information…
Woodworking By LPI Woodworker Where To Sell

10 Awesome Places to Sell Woodworking Projects

For several years, the handmade and homemade crafts industry has grown from just a small, niche community to an entire industry. If you have been taking part in your own woodworking projects, you may want to learn about what options are “out there” to make some money off your craft. The good news is –…

Wood Routing

Woodworking By LPI - Wood Router Alternatives

Wood Router Alternatives

Wood routers are a great tool for shaping wood and can be found in many workshops. But if you don’t have one, there is no need to worry! There are alternatives depending on what you are wanting to accomplish for your wood projects. From edges to joins or even creative wood carving there are other…


Woodworking By LPI Painters

How To Fix Paint Mistakes You Make On Wood Signs

Learning how to fix paint mistakes you make on wood signs is simple with these two methods. During my journey of learning how to paint stencils and freehand paint wood signs, I needed to understand how to fix my painting mistakes. It is inevitable that you will make…