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Woodworking By LPI - Why Are There Bubbles In My Wood Sealer

Why Are There Bubbles In My Wood Sealer

Bubbles in your wood sealer can be a mystery, but can also cause problems with you finish and end product. So I’m sure you have asked yourself the question why am I getting bubbles in my polyurethane? I wanted to look further into this subject and see why this occurs and how can I prevent…
Woodworking By LPI Wood Staining

Wood Sign Staining Basics And Techniques – Useful Guide DIY

Staining your wood sign can be challenging but the outcome is incredible. I know when I started my wood sign business I had my apprehensions about staining and frankly didn’t know much about it. Staining your wood sign can be intimidating but as I researched and tested, it really isn’t that difficult. Staining your wood…
Woodworking By LPI - how to clean polyurethane wood

How To Clean Polyurethane Wood

Cleaning the surface of wood with a polyurethane sealer can be challenging. You will want to clean with the proper techniques to ensure longevity of your wood and brilliance of your wood piece. How to clean and maintain your polyurethane wood is important and will serve you well with minor techniques. Cleaning your polyurethane wood…

Wood Routing

Woodworking By LPI - Wood Router Alternatives

Wood Router Alternatives

Wood routers are a great tool for shaping wood and can be found in many workshops. But if you don’t have one, there is no need to worry! There are alternatives depending on what you are wanting to accomplish for your wood projects. From edges to joins or even creative wood carving there are other…


Woodworking By LPI Painters

How To Fix Paint Mistakes You Make On Wood Signs

Learning how to fix paint mistakes you make on wood signs is simple with these two methods. During my journey of learning how to paint stencils and freehand paint wood signs I needed to understand how to fix my painting mistakes. It is inevitable that you will make…