We are a family-owned and operated business in the heart of Ohio.  We take pride in the creations and information we provide our customers and value each creation provided as our own. We started formal business in 2018 and still work out of our barn today hand carving and routing each of our signs!

We hope that each of our products provides a memory for that “Moment” whereby each time you see it smiles at you.  Additionally, we craft our products to last with the best materials.  Take a look at some of our products below and pick that special creation for you, a loved one, or a friend that will provide memories for a lifetime

Wood Sign
Our wood signs are created with real wood and carved to customized designs

We bring Woodworking and Home Decor to life in your home.

We have been working on wood signs since 2018, however, our experience goes further back. Before 2018, our business rehabbed homes and created wood furniture products. Our designs and efforts lead us to believe we could have a greater impact on our customer base if we personalized more of a product line and educated our customers on woodworking techniques, tools, and Farmhouse Home Decor aesthetics.

what we offer
  • Wood Created Signs
  • Farmhouse Home Decor
  • Woodworking and Farmhouse Home Decor Education
Our Mission

To Empower You

We know that DIY in your home provides the most pride and confidence to create your environment. Look at our blog and see the vast amount of information that you can use in your home!

cottagecore dining room
cottagecore house
farmhouse master bedroom

Meet Our Author

Owner and creator of Woodworking By LPI. He has worked with woodworking and home decor products for 10+ years. Created Woodworking By LPI in 2018. He operates a woodshop specializing in woodworking products and home decor products.

His 10+ years of expertise in woodworking tools and design motivated him to create this blog to serve his customers and educate them on woodworking and farmhouse home decor designs, techniques, and general education.

The journey of woodworking didn’t just start in 2018. It began in his childhood when creating and fixing were the norm. Then in 2010, he moved on to refurbishing homes. Working extensively with design, framing, and finishing work to present the home for sale. This allowed him to acquire many skills with woodworking tools, landscaping, yard designs, and farmhouse home decor.

Today the goal is to pass on the knowledge to inspire a new generation of DIY’ers. Allowing them to see the incredible possibilities that they can create.

A Tour of our Wood Shop

For questions or help utilize our contact page or send us images for consideration; email us at [email protected]