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Woodworking clamps are indispensable when it comes to making things with wood. Some people think of them as optional, but I know better than that. If you’ve ever tried building anything with small pieces of wood that are not attached with glue then you’ll know just how useful clamps are.

Woodworking clamps are not difficult to find and nowadays come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There’s grip-clamps, C-clamps, spring clamps, bar clamps, F-clamps, locking clamps, and so on. However, the most common is the one that is used to hold things together while they dry. You can find these types of clamps at any hardware store or building supply shop. The smallest ones are only a few dollars but if you are serious about making things with wood then investing in them is a must.


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I found out the hard way what happens if you don’t own woodworking clamps. I made a small chest of drawers and used only glue to hold the pieces together. At first, it seemed like it worked fine because I kept applying pressure on the top as it dried but after a few days, the weight and heat from my lamp caused one of the pieces to separate just enough where all the strain was concentrated that when I was putting things in it, it broke. I got lucky that time but from then on, I never built anything without clamps again.

Clamps are used for all sorts of projects including glue-ups, doweling, edge joining, miter cutting, sawing dovetails and/or finger joints, layout work, assembly work, clamping cauls to the table saw fence for making raised panels, and flush cutting of small moldings.

Here’s a little trick that will help you keep your woodworking clamps organized and easy to find. Most people hang them on their wall or store them inside a cabinet, but I think it’s more effective to stack them vertically on their side. You can easily do this by attaching a 2×4 at the height you want near whoever area where you’d like to keep them. Just make sure you get a few screws in there really good and it will be strong enough for your woodworking clamps.

As I said earlier, there are lots of styles and types of clamps on the market today but whatever kind you eventually buy, just remember that they will be useful over and over again.

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What clamps should I have for woodworking?

Woodworking clamps are the most essential tools you need to make various projects. The type of clamp that you can purchase depends on your budget and preference. There are different types available in the market like bar clamp, grip-clamp, spring clamp, C-clamp, and F-clamp. They are available in different sizes too which is very convenient for the users.

What types of woodworking clamps do I need?

When you buy your first set of woodworking clamps, it’s best to start with a basic kit with about 8 pieces. You can add more varieties to your collection once you become a pro in using these clamps.

What are the different types of woodworking clamps?

Bar Clamp – Used with 3/4″ black pipe you can set any length to the clamps you want to use. These are used to hold stronger and larger wood projects together.

F-clamp – this has an F-shaped piece that holds the bar in place while it’s applying pressure onto the wood.

C-clamp – it uses threaded rods to hold down the wood in place.

Spring clamp – (Hand Grip) these are designed especially for lighter materials

Grip-clamp – (Most Common) this is a type of clamp that is placed over the bar and then pulled tight to hold it into place.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Woodworking Clamps

Woodworking clamps offer lots of great benefits for users. Some advantages that you can get include: clamping pieces together firmly, less mess when using glue or paint, proper alignment of your materials which result in precise cuts and smooth finishing.

Woodworking clamps are very useful in making various projects which is why most people love to buy them even before they start woodworking. It’s best to purchase these tools when you have just begun your hobby because this way, you will be able to save money on buying other accessories. You can also borrow some items from your friend who has the same interest in woodworking.

What Are Some Tips On How To Use Clamps

Woodworking clamps are not only used for joining two pieces of wood together but also for holding your workpieces firmly during cutting, sanding, gluing, and painting. Follow these steps when using your woodworking clamps properly:

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1. Properly align your workpieces to avoid gaps between them after they’ve been joined together.

2. Make sure that the pieces are properly clamped before nailing, gluing, drilling, or screwing them together.

3. Always work on a level surface for your safety and maximum efficiency when doing woodworking projects.

4. Avoid as much as possible over-tightening your woodworking clamps. Doing so could warp your workpieces or even break them.

5. Always unclamp your pieces before moving them to prevent any accidents and injuries.

How To Store My Woodworking Clamps

Woodworking clamps come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. This is the main reason why they are quite hard to store when you have too many of them. If you want your clamps to be easy to access, it’s best to stack them vertically on their side. You can do this by attaching a 2×4 at the height you prefer near where you’d like to keep them. Just make sure to screw the 2×4 permanently.

Are Pipe Clamps Worth It

Pipe clamps are considered one of the best workbench clamps out there for woodworkers. But, these types of clamps are not ideal for softwood or plywood. You can also use it to join 2x4s together by positioning the boards vertically on your worktable which is very useful when you’re doing floor joist repair. Pipe clamps are also known as fluted-shank bar clamps which are commonly used to hold the workpieces together tightly.

Conclusion – What Are The Best Woodworking Clamps To Start With

Woodworking clamps are very useful for keeping the pieces in position while you’re working on them. They are affordable and can last long if you use them properly. The Grip-clamp is the most popular type of clamp and it is ideal for jobs around your house. Pipe clamps are also worth the price and can be used for any type of project. This is why it’s best to buy different types of clamps which come in different sizes and capacities.

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