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Hanging or mounting your wood sign on a wall is a simple process. Displaying your wood sign is a pride issue as well as something you will be able to look at and smile at every time you see the wood sign on the wall. However, there are several considerations you may need to look at before hanging or mounting your wood sign.

Mounting or hanging your wood sign on the wall or ceiling is straightforward. The solution is to ensure the presentation of your wood sign is level, centered, and safely mounted on the wall or ceiling. The key also is to use the correct mounting or hanging hardware for the size and weight of the wood sign.

I thought hanging a wood sign, sometimes called a plaque, was straightforward. However, after my research for the customers of my wood sign business, I discovered there are several considerations that you need to look at for your wood sign.

Considerations For Hanging or Mounting Your Wood Signs

You have purchased your wood sign and it has arrived at your home. How do you hang it on your wall? Are you hanging your wood sign outside or inside? What is the weight of the wood sign? Is it an odd size wood sign? Do you have the correct hanging hardware?


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These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to properly and safely hang your wood sign. It seems overwhelming however I will break it down for you so you can enjoy your wood sign for generations to come.

Where To Hang Your Wood Sign

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Hanging or mounting your wood sign is a personal decision and a purposeful decision. What was the purpose of the sign? What information is displayed on the sign? This should be a consideration on where to hang or mount your wood sign.

Outside – If you are hanging or mounting your wood sign outside you will need to ensure the wood sign you purchased is able to withstand the weather elements. When purchasing your wood sign ensure you mention to the wood sign maker you tell them you are wanting to place the wood sign outside so they can ensure they seal it properly. If you want more information on wood signs for outside you can read my post – “Outdoor Signs – What Is The Best Wood?

Additionally, hanging or mounting your wood sign outside you will need to consider your hanging hardware due to the fact the mounting surfaces are completely different from your typical interior hanging or mounting. I will go into the hardware and different outdoor surface more below.

Indoor – As mentioned above hanging, mounting or placement of your wood sign is a personal or purposeful decision. I would suggest you think about the content on the wood sign or the functionality of the wood sign. This will help you determine where to hang or mount your wood sign.

Hanging or mounting your wood sign indoors comes with the consideration of what surface you are hanging or mounting on. What is the material of the wall or ceiling? Is the material drywall, wood paneling or even for older homes plaster with slats?

There are many options for hanging or mounting your wood sign from different hanging or mounting hardware to whether or not you want the wood sign flush with the wall or ceiling or be placed to show a gap from the wall or ceiling. I will go into more detail below.

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If you have a welcome wood sign, kitchen wood sign, anniversary wood sign, or lastly for example a bathroom wood sign each of these will have different considerations. Most folks will mount these wood signs where they will be displayed for their purpose. Some folks will hang or mount the wood sign where the space is available.

What I specifically wanted to suggest to you as if you are hanging or mounting a wood sign near a window, entrance, bathroom, or kitchen the impact of the moisture to your wood sign. Different species of wood may react differently to these environments. If the wood is not properly sealed, your wood sign may warp or split.

The chance of this is very low, but wood for wood signs are a natural organic product and will fluctuate to its environment. It is recommended prior to hanging or mounting your wood sign you open the packaging and allow the wood sign to acclimate to its environment for up to 72 hours.

Most folks or even vendors may not say anything about this subject but it is a good recommendation to consider if you are hanging or mounting your wood sign indoors.

Hardware For Hanging Mounting Wood Signs

Hardware options for hanging or mounting your wood sign are vast. When I was researching the many options I was very surprised to see how many were purposeful depending on the surface and weight of the wood signs. It can be very confusing and frankly overwhelming. I wanted to help you to decide what was the best hanging or mounting hardware for your wood sign.

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Different Types Of Hangers For Wood Signs

There are many different types of hanging hardware for many types of applications. I will go thru the most typical list here as there are so many it would be difficult to list them all. Additionally, I will relate them to applications after the listing.

Indoor Hanging Mounting Hardware

Sawtooth – The sawtooth is the most common type of hanger you can use for wood signs which are not heavy. The typical maximum weight which can be used for the sawtooth hangers is 10 pounds. I wouldn’t recommend pushing the limits of this hanger as it can be dangerous if the wood sign fell down.

D-Ring – The next common hanger hardware is the D-Ring. The D-Ring hanger has a “D” shaped ring which hangs on the screw or nail you put into the wall. The maximum weight the D-Ring can hold is also 20 pounds. There are different versions of this hanger that will hold more weight, please ensure you look at the packaging to reference the maximum weight.

Keyhole Slot – A Keyhole slot hanger is unique in the respect that it allows your wood sign to be flush with the wall. This is different from the sawtooth or D-Ring hanger which has a space where the hanger sits on the back of the sign. The typical weight which can be held for a Keyhole slot hanger is 20 pounds. There are different versions of this hanger that will hold more weight, please ensure you look at the packaging to reference the maximum weight.

French Cleat – A French Cleat is two pieces of woodcut in the middle at a 45-degree angle. The bottom piece is mounted to the wall and the other piece is mounted to the wood sign. The French Cleat can also be made with metal as well. If you are not able to make a French Cleat, you can purchase it at your local hardware or craft stores.

The advantage of the French Cleat is its ability to hold lots of weight. The typical French Cleat can hold 75 pounds. The amount of weight can increase if it is made of metal or made bigger to accommodate the size of the wood sign.

Twine or Wire – Twine or Wire is a very traditional ways to hang a wood sign. This method of hanging mount wood signs has been used for decades. The advantages to using twine or wire are the ease of installation and the ability to level your wood sign.

Additionally, you can hang your twine or wire externally to the wood sign or on the back fully hidden. If you want to place the twine or wire on the outside of the wood sign it can add to the style you are wanting to show. For example, if you are wanting a rustic or Barnwood sign appearance.

If you would like to see my recommended products you can see them here – “Recommended Products

Outdoor Hanging Mounting Hardware

Hanging mounting your wood sign outdoors is different than hanging indoors. You need to consider the weather elements such as wind, rain, and sunlight. These considerations will help determine the placement of your wood sign for the best longevity.

The next consideration for hanging mounting your wood sign is what surface you will hang mounting to. Outdoor applications include typically brick, vinyl siding, and wood.

Brick or Masonry – Hanging mounting your wood sign to brick or masonry exterior is pretty much the same technique as indoors. You will need painter’s tape, a drill, a masonry bit (the size of the wall dog diameter) a washer, and the hanger.

If you need more than one hanger to hang mount the wood sign use a level to ensure the holes for the hanger will be level. Take a piece of the painter’s tape and stretch along the backside of the wood sign.

You will drill your hole for the wall dog into the mortar. Place the hanger and washer over the wall dog and then using your drill screw into the mortar.

Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding is an interesting surface to hang mount wood signs to. The reason is that it is challenging is that it is not flat. Some folks just drill a screw into the vinyl siding leaving a hole in the siding which would cause moisture to get into the wood siding of the house – this is not recommended.

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There are several products out on the market which allows for hanging mounting your wood sign. Interestingly enough they work with the vinyl siding and do not damage the vinyl siding. This is the best solution and allows you to move or remove the wood sign later.

Wood Siding – Wood siding is a lot easier solution to work with regarding hanging mounting your wood sign especially if your wood siding is vertical as it is a flat surface. If your wood siding is much like the vinyl siding with an uneven siding you can simply use a nail or screw and spread across the uneven surface to hang mount your wood sign.

Installation And Mounting Wood Signs

You received your wood sign and you are excited to hang the mount on the wall indoors or outdoors. Installing and hanging mounting your wood is important and there are many considerations to think about.

How much does a wood sign weigh? The size of the wood sign. Is it an odd shape? How to securely place so it won’t fall or come down? Will I go searching for a stud in the wall and what if I don’t find a stud can I still hang the wood sign where I want? These are some considerations you will need to think about prior to hanging your wood sign.

Weight Of The Wood Sign

As mentioned above in the hanging hardware there are weight considerations for hanging your wood sign. Can the hanging hardware hold the weight? I’m sure we have all seen a small screw or nail in drywall holding a very heavy sign or picture.

Ensure you select the proper hanging hardware to accept the weight of the wood sign you are hanging. Some hanging hardware is better than others and it will ensure your wood sign stays on the wall or ceiling for many years to come.

Measurement Of The Wood Sign

This is an interesting subject and it varies with opinion. By that I mean some folks want to mount many different sizes of wood signs and arrange for a collage. If you have just one wood sign to hang it is fairly simple.

Hanging a sign is straightforward if you want to center on the wall. Measure the distance of the wall and determine its center. Determine the height you want the sign (Typically the same height as other feature items) and hang the wood sign center on the center measurement.

The key to determining the placement of the wood sign is using painter’s tape. Painters tape allows you to move the placement of your sign on the wall without making holes in your wall. Take the tape and place it on the back of the wood sign and mark with a marker the total width of the wood sign and the placement of the hangers.

Take the tape and place it on the wall where you would like to hang the wood sign. This allows you to move the placement around and see if you like where the wood sign will hang.

If you are wanting a collage of wood signs to hang I would suggest you use the painter’s tape and some cardboard or paper. Make the cardboard or paper the same size as your wood signs then using the shapes place on the wall in different configurations hanging with the painter’s tape to create your collage prior to hanging your wood signs.

Size Of The Wood Sign And Odd Shapes

Hanging a big wood sign or an odd-shaped wood sign can seem complicated. The same basic rules apply by finding the center of the hanging side of the wood sign, determining the correct hanging hardware than using painter’s tape to hang or mount.

Twine Or Metal Wire

There are several ways to use twine or metal wire for hanging your wood sign. You can either connect above for a stylish look or appearance or you can connect to the rear of the wood sign so the twine or metal wire is hidden.

Additionally, you can connect the twine or metal wire in a couple of different ways as well. You can use screws to connect by wrapping the twine or metal wire around the screws. Or you can use D-Ring hangers to feed the wire through and twist for a hold.

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