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Buying a Dewalt Miter Saw is a big decision, so you need to know all the information you can before you purchase. There are other brands on the market, so why the Dewalt Compound Miter Saw? I believe the reason you are looking at the Dewalt Compound Miter Saw is that you know that the Dewalt brand name represents durability and flexibility.

The Dewalt Compound Miter Saw is a complete solution for all your cutting needs. It is not just a generic Dewalt Saw. Its capabilities include a full 12-inch blade and deck for deep cutting, 15 Amp power, power LED for precise cuts, double bevel capability, up to 45-degree cutting and easy adjustments with its cam lock miter handles. Add other Dewalt Miter Saw Parts or options and you have the perfect solution.

What You Need To Know About The Dewalt Saw

We all look at the sliding compound miter saw and would agree they all have very similar features and options. If you are working on a woodworking project each tool performs functions that enable you to cut, trim and create your masterpiece. So if you are looking at multi-function miter saws and haven’t quite decided yet as to which one you want, you might want to consider the DeWalt miter saw.


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What are some of the features of the Dewalt Compound Miter Saw:

  • 12 in. blade, blade wrench, vertical material clamp and dust bag
  • 15 Amp, 3800 RPM motor
  • Automatic carriage lock
  • Back-fence design cuts up to 2 x 16 dimensional lumber at 90 Degrees and 2 x 12 lumber at 45 Degrees
  • Gearbox and belt-drive design increases vertical cutting
  • Dual horizontal steel rails
  • Adjustable stainless-steel miter-detent plate with 10 positive stops
  • Integrated XPS cross-cut positioning system
  • Efficient dust-collection system
  • 6 ft. cord
  • 3-year limited warranty; 1-year free service contract
  • Dust bag and material clamp included
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The Dewalt Compound Miter Saw – It Is Not Like Other Miter Saws

When you first look at the DeWalt DWS780 miter saw it looks tough and rugged. Additionally, it looks a lot like its cousin the well-known DW718 miter saw. Other than the well-known yellow, black, and chrome which indicate all Dewalt saws there are certain differences that make it stand alone.

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The Dewalt DWS780 Miter Saw Has Power

One of the defining options with this miter saw is the 15-amp, 3,800 RPM motor. It provides plenty of power to cut through the most difficult and hardwood projects. This means cutting anything from premium 2×4’s to pressure-treated 4×4’s. During my use of this miter saw it has never crossed my mind I didn’t have enough power, and thankfully so because it is another thing I don’t need to worry about.

What Is the DEWALT XPS Cross Cut Positioning System

Do you remember when the laser light came to the world of saws? Well, the DeWalt XPS Cross Cut Positioning System takes it a step further with a simple but effective LED light that casts a shadow of the saw blade on the wood material you are cutting. This simple solution makes it easy to see, especially with old eyes, and allows crisp and accurate cuts.

Over time the laser light has shown it can break down and the most important thing is it is not really visible outside in the sunlight. A log of your woodworking projects will of course require you to take the Dewalt miter saw outside. This feature alone will make you very glad you bought the DWS780.

Little Known Feature – Increase Your Cut Depth

As noted above in the options listing the DWS780 – Allows back-fence design cuts up to 2 x 16-dimensional lumber at 90 Degrees and 2 x 12 lumber at 45 Degrees. This feature is incredible because of the depth it allows the miter saw to cut and not have to consider using a chop saw.

Does It Cut Crown Molding

Most of the woodworkers who use a miter saw used it for finishing woodwork like molding and crown. The DWS780 will not disappoint you. The Dewalt miter saw has adjustments that allow for these angled cuts. So if you like having 60º and 50º miter capabilities to the right and left this is the miter saw for you.

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What Stand Can I Use With The DWS780 – Dewalt Miter Saw

Dewalt Miter Saw Stand

If you are a woodworker that consistently is mobile or just want flexibility in your woodshop a miter saw stand is worth considering. Dewalt has you covered with two options this provides stability and flexibility to use your Dewalt miter saw at job sites. Take a look at our article “Dewalt Miter Saw Stand: Do You Really Need It“. It provided valuable information regarding the Dewalt miter saw stand(s) and what they are capable of for your woodworking projects.

FAQ – Dewalt Compound Miter Saw

What Is The Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

Getting the best sliding miter saw, particularly if you’re new to woodworking, can be a challenge. There are many models and options to choose from. If you are wanting a long-lasting, stable, and capable sliding compound miter saw you can’t beat the Dewalt DWS780. As noted below there are several in the top 5, but the Dewalt DWS780 comes out on top.

  • DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw. …
  • Makita LS1019L Sliding Compound Miter Saw. …
  • Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD Sliding Glide Miter Saw. …
  • DELTA 26-2241 Compound Sliding Miter Saw. …
  • CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 Compound Sliding Miter

What Is The Difference Between A Compound And Sliding Miter Saw?

The sliding compound miter saw has rails that allow for the movement of the blade to move further forward. This feature provides the ability to cut wider wood material for your wood projects. Conversely, the compound miter saw does not have this feature and is limited by the size of the blade being used. Although they both have the capability to cut angles in both directions the compound slider miter saw can cut wider wood.

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