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Holidays come quickly. There is a wide array of ways to decorate for your farmhouse Christmas decor. Is this your chance to get a more modern and natural look? This list contains 27+ farmhouse Christmas decor ideas.

You have a lot of inspiration to choose from to decorate the whole place. Bring your guests and the whole family together in an elegant centerpiece for a red ribbon special dinner party with a rustic feel.

Get in touch with your family members by taking part in an outdoor holiday display.

These farmhouse Christmas decor ideas also have gorgeous decorations for Christmas trees and other rooms for your holiday season and holiday spirit.


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What Is A Farmhouse Christmas

farmhouse christmas decor

Farmhouse Christmas is a popular style of Christmas that has been increasing in popularity over the last few years.

The modern farmhouse style is all about taking cues from nature and using natural materials to create a warm and inviting space.

This can be accomplished by using wood, stone, greenery, and other earthy tones and textures throughout your Christmas decor.

Farmhouse Christmas is also about simplicity. Don’t feel like you need to go overboard with your decorating. A few simple and elegant pieces are all you need to create a beautiful farmhouse Christmas and Christmas tree.

Farmhouse Displays

Dress up dining tables to create a warm winter feel that works throughout the holiday seasons. Layering multiple sizes widths & textures creates beautiful images.

Old windows, chalkboards, wooden shadowboxes, white shutters, and etched mirrors are created for an interesting appearance. A decorative Christmas tree and wood items bring the outdoors into these Christmas decorations.

Farmhouse Christmas Bells

A Christmas bell that left something of an old legacy reminds us a bit more about the past — there will be better days yet.

There is an impressive assortment of juggling bells that are bigger than a giant giraffe and are perfect gifts for any occasion. Create something fun by using these to create interactive items at home for your family to enjoy Santa!

Rustic Mantel Decor

Weathered picket provides a surface area for shimmery reindeer and a salvaged architectural component. The rustic piece is positioned on its mantel, with green foliage in the display area.

The White Gold ornaments in the Farm’s Christmas tree mix beautifully with the wood accents. Burlap ribbons add natural themes to packaging.

Farmhouse Centerpiece

Use greenery at home as well as branches to create clean and pleasant tablescapes and decorations. Use antique-inspired linen, like grain sack runners or napkins in cream cloth, then cover the area with one tiny sprig at the top.

An antique animal figurine and antique glass plates make for an attractive table.

Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

If you thinking of decorating the kid’s rooms here is a great idea. Pink and coral ornaments were used on the branches, which gave them more color,” she says.

The shelves above the bed hold the bottlebrush trees, vintage or new.

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Farmhouse Christmas Farmhouse Garland

To get an authentic feel, avoid bright colors and sparkly accessories. Alternatively, opt for farmhouse stockings in neutral colors and match with your Christmas Tree.

Decorate the muted colors with an original DIY garland. Wood-encrusted ornaments & matte ribbon finish off a simple, elegant holiday design.

Buffalo Check Mason Jars

How can you change up an existing house in a quick way? Think about lovely Christmas ornaments in mason jars.

This Buffalo Check pattern matches beautifully with any natural theme. It’s incredibly easy for a person to use this along with any decor.

Antique Window With Holiday Wreath Porch Display

An ancient window can be fun for decorating with rustic themes. This is also an excellent piece for a porch or patio and gives you another spot for hanging a wreath for the holidays.

Festive Holiday Ladder Porch Display

Bring this rustic ladder and create an excellent decor base for your holiday decor. All of these are great outside as they are in a living space as well.

A good space to add color to the decor.

Cranberry and Pine Mason Jar Centerpiece

This gorgeous centerpiece can enhance any traditional farmhouse. Clear jars make the color of the cranberries immediately pop in with the foliage.

The wonderful colors bring life into your home and could also compliment your Christmas tree design and farmhouse Christmas.

Rustic Birch Pine And Berry Lighted Display

Make your living rooms more diverse with this stunning lighting design. Wood logs synchronize well with plants and greenery.

Fairylight brings an element of whimsical tranquillity.

Birch Log and Pine Branch Centerpiece

A centerpiece in your dining room should be a good starting point.

Assemble features decorative logs for rural ambiance and includes greenery for a more secluded feel.

Pine and Berries Milk Cans

A nice way to decorate an old house is to buy milk cans. It’s an excellent size for building mini Christmas trees or decorating all over your home.

Vintage table setting

Shop yards for antique glass votives and candles to add to the rustic Christmas table all year round. Antique plates form the foundation of the decor of the house.

If there is not an antique that matches your taste, look for glasses with gold trim to accompany these items. Balance glitzy candle holders topped with wooden bowls and candles.

Snowflake Wood Block Project

These wood block snowflakes are perfect for country-inspired holidays and are unique decor ideas. Of course, they have distinct features as a whole.

Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room

Get the farmhouse Christmas look with tiny bottlebrush trees on an elevated galvanized cake stand.

The holidays can start by visiting a local bakery to purchase an array of seasonal cookies to display on their stand. Create a warm cozy feel in your dining room for your farmhouse Christmas.

Rustic Winter Lazy Susan Centerpiece

Lazy Susan allows you to put several decorations in a single place without feeling cluttered.

Its neutral colors are perfect for the topic of this article, but the overall contrast has enough contrast that keeps the attention moving from one single spot to another place to the next.

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Mini Rustic Potted Christmas Tree

A small Christmas tree is not only adorable but it’s perfect space-saving. Its potting also helps it lean more towards the farmhouse appearance.

Winter White Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Pinecones look great in farmhouse homes. It looks amazing in the trees, allowing for some nice contrast while keeping the theme of the room in mind.

Vintage Christmas Trees

White Christmas trees offer new ideas for Christmas decoration. Put them in galvanized tubs in vintage style, cover the bases with burlap and put a lid over them.

A black and white banner-inspired garland evokes a traditional look. Old bingo card sets have glittery silhouettes. Wood flakes topped trees.

Festive Christmas Trees

Bring decorations to the farmhouse Christmas trees. Start off by displaying light bulbs and burlap ribbons.

Add a cotton boll stem to this. Insert flower sprigs to expand the tree’s natural size. Hang fillers such as pinecones on top.

Use ornamental balls all in the same color. Finish off with a greenery-laden cone and twining ornaments.

Farmhouse Christmas Mud Room Decor

House Christmas does’ t get any more traditional without the mudroom decor. It isn’t necessary for much because the tiny trees that only contain decorative items speak loud enough.

Farmhouse Christmas Grapevine wreath

Wreathed grapes are a great way to get this vintage, down-home holiday decor. These have a good depth which gives the wreath a much bigger appearance. This is aided by a burlap arrow.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ideas

farmhouse christmas decor

Shabby Chic Wood Christmas Tree

Take faux trees to the next level with this beautiful wooden Christmas tree. It is beautifully oiled to suit a complete look. This will also help showcase your personality when someone comes into your rustic-style house.

Old Fashion Christmas Tree

Step back in time and see trees adorned with felt-ball garland, salt-dough decorations, dried oranges, and clip-on lights.

This lighting recreates an older candlestick look and the light can easily be turned on and off using the remote controller. Place the tree into large wooden crates. Read the rest below.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Ruin rooster creates the countryside feel of the farmhouse Christmas tree. Barn animals, Paper Whirly Rounds corrugated barn ornaments, mini-embroidery hoop farmhouse Christmas decor, and dishtowel stars give this homely feel.

Beaded garland finished with silver and black ornamentation. Continue to learn more about these events.

Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

farmhouse christmas decor

Dollar Store Christmas Ornaments

There are endless possibilities for dollar store ornaments. You can buy these in packs of 12 and use them to create a farmhouse Christmas tree. Paint them white and add some greenery for a shabby chic look.

Burlap Ornaments

These are made with burlap, raffia, and jingle bells. They are simple ornaments that will add a rustic touch to your tree.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

Pinecones are a classic farmhouse decoration. You can use them to make ornaments for your tree. All you need is some hot glue and glitter.

Wooden Ornaments

Wooden ornaments are a beautiful way to add a rustic touch to your tree. You can buy them online or make them yourself.

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