cnc double sided tape

You are probably wondering what the double-sided tape is. It does not matter which model of CNC you own, most likely it will have a sheet of double-sided tape in the box with your machine. The double-sided tape comes in various thicknesses and different brands.

The double-sided tape comes in handy when you are ready to turn your CNC machine into an engraver. The tape allows the cutting blade of the engraving tool to be mounted on the end of your router, or spindle (depending on which type of CNC model you own).

Double-sided tape is used as a temporary fix to hold materials down on the surface of a CNC router. It can be easily removed and leaves little if any residue behind once you’ve finished your project. To use double-sided tape, simply peel off the backing and place it where necessary on the table then firmly press your material into place making sure that no part of it is hanging over the edge.


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First – A Little Bit About What Is A CNC Machine

A CNC machine is basically an automated router that can cut, engrave or route various materials based on design input from a user. A CNC machine uses the two t-rails for its frame that allow it to move up/down along the X and Y axes. The router itself attaches to the bottom of the table and can be raised or lowered with a control box that has stepper motors attached to it. CNC machines are very useful for creating signs, plaques, trophies, and custom artwork just to name a few.

What Is The CNC Double-Sided Tape Made Out Of

It is important to know what material the tape is made out of so that you can safely and properly apply it. The best type of double-sided tape to use is acrylic-based and has a high tack level, meaning it will hold firmly until you lift it off. Acrylic tape does not leave marks. If you find regular scotch tape in your CNC kit, the tape will be made from a less expensive plastic that can leave marks when you remove it.

How Is It Placed On The CNC Machine

Once you have selected your brand of double-sided tape for mounting your cutting tool to your CNC router, you are ready to place the adhesive sheet in a convenient spot within your machine. It is to your advantage to use a permanent marker and put the tape on the exact spot where you will be working from. This way, if you move your machine from one location to another it is very easy to find the cutting tool again without having to fumble around for it.

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What Double-Sided Tape Do Woodworkers Use

Most woodworkers that own a CNC machine use acrylic double-sided tape. It is the best type for holding up to heavy-duty projects such as engraving and cutting hardwoods like maple and mahogany.

What Brand Of Double-Sided Tape Should I Use

If you plan on using your CNC machine on a regular basis, it would be best to invest in a higher-quality brand of double-sided tape. This type is available at any major craft store and can usually be purchased in bulk for a discount.

What Size Do I Need

The size you purchase depends on the size of your cutting tool and the model of CNC machine you own. There are several different types available, but for small to medium tools, 1/4″ should be fine. For larger or more heavy-duty tools, try using the 3/8″ tape.

Where Can I Purchase The Double-Sided Tape

Your local hardware store should have several types to choose from. They may even give you some samples to experiment with for free if they believe it is something you will use often. The adhesive sheets are very affordable and can be found at any major craft store. You may want to stock up on different sizes depending on which model of CNC you own; the bigger machines tend to require wider tape.

Each machine requires a specific width of tape so be sure to use the correct size. Also, the double-sided tape should not be applied directly to your CNC machine. Use a sheet of cardboard or other sturdy removable items before applying it.

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How To Remove Double-Sided Tape From CNC Bed

To remove the double-sided tape from your CNC router, you will need to use a utility knife and slowly cut it into it in a diagonal motion. Do this very carefully and try not to damage the surface below where the adhesive is at. Once you have cut about halfway through it, grab both ends and slowly work it up and off the surface.

Does CNC Double-Sided Tape Really Work

Yes, double-sided tape is one of the best inventions for long-lasting adhesion. It is also very affordable and available at most major craft stores. I would recommend acrylic tape as it’s made to hold up to heavy-duty projects such as engraving, cutting hardwoods like maple and mahogany, and routing through thick materials like aluminum and steel.

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There Are A Variety Of Methods By Which You Can Attach The Wood To The CNC Machine.

The following list shows some quick and easy methods that work well with smaller projects.

Double-sided tape – Simply apply double-sided tape to the back of your project material, making sure when you place it down on the surface it doesn’t go over the edge.

CNC Clamps – These can sometimes be found at local hardware stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. They provide a firm grip, without leaving any marks or dents on the surface of your project.

Drill screws into your piece – This is an easy method but requires you to drill holes in both pieces: one for the clamp and one in your project material. This process works best when you have a piece of wood that is less than 1/4″ thick so the clamp can get a firm grip without damaging your project.

What Are T-rails For The CNC?

The t-rails are used to attach the CNC table to the base. They are usually made of aluminum or steel, or a combination of both. Some tables use “t-nuts” that hold the table securely onto the rails while other tables have bolts directly in the frame of the machine where you slide on table clamps.

The rails themselves are either 3/4″ or 1″ in size. Make sure that your model of machine can handle the size rail you plan on using.

What Clamps Can You Use With A CNC Router?

The best clamps are table clamp kits which are available at most major craft stores. They come in 2-packs and attach to the machine’s frame with bolts or screws depending on your model of CNC router. For heavy-duty projects, you may want to purchase a set where the arms extend at least 8″ in length so that you can get a good grip on the material.

Frequently Asked Questions – CNC Double-Sided Tape

Does Double-Sided Tape Hurt The CNC Carving Bed

It depends. If you are cutting or routing through thin materials that are less than 1/4″ then it should be fine to use double-sided tape. However, if you plan on cutting or engraving thick hardwoods, larger projects, aluminum sheets, or MDF, your best bet would have a larger surface area where the material will sit. This can be done with a CNC plasma table, or woodworking clamps to secure the larger piece of materials to the CNC router’s surface.

Does Double- Sided Tape Work On A Smooth Surface

To remove, simply peel off the backing and it will come right off. If you accidentally leave some pieces behind they can be removed by using a regular adhesive remover such as Goo Gone.

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