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Have the days of using a standard tape measure come to an end? As you know these days there is an app on your phone for almost anything. This also goes with many things in woodworking. So with anything new, there will be hesitation to use them and replace the traditional and reliable measuring tape. Keeping an open mind I wanted to take a look at the tape measure app and see if it really works.

A smartphone is a multifunctional tool that can be used for many purposes. You may not replace your trusty yardstick or tape measure, but it’s an excellent substitute when measuring smaller measurements such as angles and distances between two points on the screen.

Using a tape measure app looks to be rather simple. Open your chosen app on your smartphone, point with the phone’s camera, and pick two points to measure. Depending on the app and the phone you are using it will display a measurement between two points or multiple points depending on the app. Seems simple enough. However, understand there may be an estimated error calculation that should be displayed on the screen. Although these apps are easy to use, I wouldn’t quite throw away your tape measure yet.

Can I Use My Phone As A Tape Measure

Yes, you can measure from your phone! Although I don’t believe it will completely replace the regular tape measure yet, it certainly is turning heads. Many of the available tape measure apps are free and you are able to simply download them like many apps you would use in your day-to-day. They are available on both of the main phone platforms such as Apple and Android.

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The curiosity and thirst for innovation are certainly alive in this day’s society. The first steps towards Augmented Reality (AR) measurement can be a little unusual, but there are apps that make the process easier than ever before! These features will help us adapt as we take measurements from afar instead of pressing rulers or tapes against objects nearby which requires more faith on behalf our senses already know how to work with what they’re being exposed to – heighten perception skills not required here.

How Does A Tape Measure App Work

The Measure app has augmented reality (AR) technology that turns your device into a tape measure. You can gauge the size of objects, automatically detect dimensions for rectangular items in photos and videos – saving time on tedious calculations- as well as see history shots taken at different times so you know how much things have grown or changed.

Tape Measure App for Woodworking

This technology is especially helpful in woodworking. It allows you to measure spaces, floor plans, and objects such as pieces of the wood material to get an estimate on work or allow you to procure enough material for a woodworking project. It also will allow you to measure material on the fly and allow you to be quicker at making your woodworking projects.

The ability to save the measurements is key also to your use of the tape measure app for woodworking. Especially if you are asked to recreate woodworking items or fix wood projects by measuring, saving the picture and measurement, and using the information to plot your wood project build.

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If you are wanting to look at the capability of the tape measuring app for your woodworking hobby or business I would suggest you take a look at Air Measure.

It is downloadable for both Android and Apple and provides the below capabilities:

  • Virtual Furniture – Place virtural furniture in the space you are looking prior to making or purchasing
  • 3D Trajectory – Chart a 3D path as you walk around and get the total lenth of your path. This has endless possbilities for woodworkers
  • Vertical Height – Find the height of any object, house or other items instantly
  • Laser Level – This comes in very handy when you can’t find your Level as well allows you to use anywhere
  • 3D Cube – Fit a cube around an object to quickly get the Width/Height/Length. This is invaluable for quick estimates of space and material

There are also a couple of bonuses bundled into this tape measure app. They just kind of push it over the top.

  • Stud Finder
  • Bubble Level
  • Onscreen Ruler

If you looking for the tape measure app to totally replace your real tape measure I would say no. Although the app makes things a lot better for estimates and quick look-see it doesn’t really replace the detail needed when performing the actual wood project.

However, I would download the app and supplement your woodworking projects. This would be an invaluable tool in your arsenal.

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