Sealing your wood sign is a matter of opinion. Through my research I have found opinions vary. I use sealer products consistently to enhance, protect and make a better wood sign.

There are several products on the market and I have used many of them. When you research them it is very confusing to see what they are for.

For wood signs I use the below products and can tell you they work very well and have consistently provided what I want for my clients.

What Sealers Work The Best

Minwax 43210000 Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear, pint, Gloss This polyurethane is oil based and contains a red tint. Ensure you get the Helmsman Spar if you want to get a great finish with your stain. We use them for the majority of our wood signs.

Rust-Oleum 327864-6PK American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Gloss, 6 Pack, Clear – If you have a special project which doesn’t need to be outside or you don’t want to use Polyurethane, this is the best product to use. It needs a few coats and dries very quickly.

Minwax 13333000 Polycrylic Water-Based Protective Clear Finish, 1 gallon, Satin This is an excellent option if you want a clear finish (without the Gloss). It the most known sealer and perfect for those color wood signs.

Art Resin

ArtResin – Epoxy Resin – Clear – Non-Toxic – 1 gal (3.78 L)Outside sealers need to endure the weather elements. Epoxy Resin is an excellent option. This product is easy to mix ( 1 part / 1 part ) and use. Additionally you can add color to make very creative wood signs.

Measure Cups - Resin

20 8oz Disposable Graduated Clear Plastic Cups for Mixing Paint, Stain, Epoxy, Resin When using resin and/or paint you need to accurately measure the amounts. These make measuring the amount very easy with easy to read markings on the side. I have used these extensively.

Stir Sticks

NSI Epoxy Resin Mixing Kit: 150 Plastic Cups and 150 Wood Sticks – Stir stick are pivotal to mix paint and resin. If you are mixing colors or adding color to resin for your wood sign design you need wood stir sticks. I have used these a lot. They are disposable and can be thrown away no mess and no worry.

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