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Woodworking by LPI - What Do The Marks Mean On A Tape Measure

What Do The Marks Mean On A Tape Measure

We all use tape measures for one reason or another, but do we really know how to use a tape measure. Most of us just use the numbers displayed, but what are the marks on various types of tape measures and how do we use them and will they help us. I wondered the same…
Painting Wood Signs

Avoid Mistakes When Painting Wood Sign Letters

Painting letters on your wood sign is important and you want to give a good impression especially if it is for that special person, friend or family member. There are many options and ways to paint the letters; and frankly it can be overwhelming, so being a novice, I decided to do some research to…
Woodworking BY LPI DIY

DIY Homemade Wood Sign Projects For Beginners

You are wanting to start out making DIY Homemade wood signs. Where do you start? We all start somewhere and it seems to be very confusing upfront. During my research when I was starting out, there are many things I wish I knew. However, over the journey of my wood sign business I learned what…

Wood Routing

Woodworking By LPI - Wood Router Alternatives

Wood Router Alternatives

Wood routers are a great tool for shaping wood and can be found in many workshops. But if you don’t have one, there is no need to worry! There are alternatives depending on what you are wanting to accomplish for your wood projects. From edges to joins or even creative wood carving there are other…


Woodworking By LPI Painters

How To Fix Paint Mistakes You Make On Wood Signs

Learning how to fix paint mistakes you make on wood signs is simple with these two methods. During my journey of learning how to paint stencils and freehand paint wood signs I needed to understand how to fix my painting mistakes. It is inevitable that you will make…